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Experimental sites – summer 2021

This summer, we went to Paris La Défense to investigate three spatio-climatic devices in collaboration with Paris La Défense, Efficacity, Véolia, Université Gustave Eiffel and Engie. Efficacity and Paris La Défense have launched two experiments to refresh public spaces during this summer, also presented as “Oasis of freshness” (additional information: or https: // These include a “refreshing platform” from Seureca / Veolia and a “fresh island – skycooling” from Engie Solutions, placed on the forecourt near the Grande Arche of La Défense (Figure 1, top). In addition, we wanted to add to this campaign a third site, consisting of a landscaped sequence of gardens on slabs, called “Sequence Agam”. It was designed by Atelier Foïs and is located between the fontaine Agam Place and the Basse Place (Figure 1, bottom).

Mobile microclimate and ethnographic observations were carried out between July 18th and 22nd, 2021 between 11:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. for 5 consecutive days, juggling between the three sites. These observations complete the static measurements carried out by permanent stations during the test period. The stations are directly set up on the refreshing platform and the fresh island as well as on the square in between.

Figure 1: Experimental sites in Paris La Défense, summer 2021. Top : oasis of freshness (source :, bottom : Experimental garden « Séquence Agam », by Atelier Foïs (source :
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Experimental sites – summer 2020

In addition to the “Quai des Plantes” experimental site, we investigated two other sites this summer, between July and September 2020: 1) the “Extraordinary Garden” in the Misery quarry and 2) the “Rideau d’eau” (“water curtain” in English) at the “Place Graslin” (Figure 1). The measurement protocols applied are identical to those of “Quai des Plantes”.

Figure 1: Experimental sites in Nantes, summer 2020
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Quai des plantes (Nantes) – an experimental site

One of our experimental sites this summer is the “Quai des Plantes” or “vegetated dock”, located on the Loire river banks in Nantes. Offering a plant nursery, a green promenade and a place for gathering, leisure and festivities, this very mineral site (a former parking lot built on the top board of a reinforced-concrete dock) has been redeveloped over 500 m since the summer of 2017. Today, 1,500 trees planted in pots constitute the perpetual heart of the site, before being planted in the parks and public gardens of the city of Nantes. This ephemeral and dynamic installation revives its historic vocation of transitioning plants coming by colonial ships to the garden of French apothecaries. The transitory nature is also reflected in the desire to transform sustainably the Loire docks into a green axis between the city center and the public transport stop “Gare Maritime” and the lower Chantenay district.

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